ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT COACHING  supports the activities kin to the start-up, assessment and transformation of the management and development of your business.


Consilio will collaborate with you using the following delivery themes:


  • Coaching For Results - enhance leadership capability to engage and empower his/her team to consistently step up their performance and delivery.


  • Faciliatated Group Action Team Coaching - identify barriers and find creative solutions for quality delivery and teamwork.


  • Performance Coaching - help struck or disengaged employees to openly review where they are and take ownership for how they will make a positive differene in the organization.

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LIFE COACHING is about discovering what truly matters to you and achieving it with the support and encouragement of your Coach.


A Life Coach can help you expand your world of possibilities and opportunities with greater ease and speed than you could on your own.


Nicole will partner with you to stay focused and build the momemtum to achieve more than you ever thought possible.


Here are some examples of what Nicole can help you achieve:

  • Improvement of self care and energy levels
  • Increasing satisfacton and fulfillment
  • Reducing stress and fear
  • Improving communication and relationships
  • Clarity on your career anchor and achievement of your career goals
  • A sounding board when making choices
  • Simplifying your life
  • And much more!


Life Coaching clients tend to be people who want something more or better in their lives than they havt at the moment.  Some know exactlly what it is and some do not, but they all understand that investing in themselves will help them.


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